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2021 Tehillah Experience: Beyond the Veil – Ohemaa Mercy



Ohemaa Mercy revealed the inspiration behind this year’s theme to Mz Gee on the NewDay Show. And according to her, the theme hones in on the power of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And how that ultimate sacrifice removed the bar and paved the way for a closer relationship with God.

“At first, it was very difficult to go before God for prayer. And it was only the priest that could go into the Tabernacle to pray for us. And we had this opportunity where Jesus Christ died, and then he laid down his life for us. So whilst he was dying on the cross, the Tabernacle was divided into two. That gave us the access to go before the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The love that he has shown to us goes beyond the veil.”

In celebration of their 7th anniversary, the team preceded the gospel concert with a spiritual walk. The walk started from the Accra Mall and ended at Calvary Temple, the venue for the Tehillah Experience. Speaking about the exercise, Ohemaa Mercy expressed surprise at the success and the energy with which it was received. She said, “The people were into the prayer, and when the spirit of God is at work, the strength is there. You cant even feel that you are tired. So we were praising God and praying.

“And even when we got to the ICGC premises, everybody was in it. The energy was there, praising God. I feel the people thirsty for prayer and bringing all of them together. We did very well,” she continued.

According to Ohemaa Mercy, all covid protocols would be strictly observed at the premises. She detailed a few measures like added spaces to contained the overflow, which would be fitted with large screens. Viers can also follow live online on the Ohemaa Mercy Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

“We are actually observing the CoViD protocols. We are bringing up screens. Big screens that would make the overflow very conducive with the spacing and everything. We are also bringing hand sanitisers. We are also providing nose marks to everybody that is going to be at the place. And by the Grace of God, we have th screening machine that you would enter, and it would sanitise your whole body.”

This year’s concert is packed with powerful ministration from Cecy Twum, Uncle Ato, MOG, Francis Amu and Obaapa Christy. Micheal Stuckey and Phil Thomson would also be present to maintain the power of God.

“It’s going to be massive. It’s going to be awesome. The presence of God is going to be soo much. The power of God is going to be at work. And I believe this year if you’ve never experienced the miracle of God in your life, you have to come to Tehillah Experience.”

Journalist and science writer for NewsAfrica24, the Atlantic, New Scientist, Aeon, Men’s Health, and many others. Author of The Intelligence Mafias, published by Stoughton (UK)/WW Norton (USA) and translated into six languages.

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Our people are not serious, no wonder the movie industry isn’t progressing – Yvonne Nelson laments



Yvonne Nelson reveals why Ghana’s movie industry is not progressing

Yvonne Nelson tags some actors as ‘unserious’

Yvonne Nelson announces next step of actions

Ghana’s award-winning actress, Yvonne Nelson, has stated that some of her colleagues do not show dedication and commitment when called to star in a movie project.

According to Yvonne, the local movie industry is not progressing because her “peeps are just not serious.”

The celebrated actress did not mince words when she called out persons who are collapsing the industry with their poor attitude towards work, this she lamented draws investors away.

Although she specifically did not name any ‘unserious’ actor, Yvonne, who doubles as a movie producer, was upset judging from her rants on her Twitter platform.

Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she has had enough from her people, adding that she will no longer tolerate any unprofessional behaviour when it comes to working with a crew.

“Honestly! I’m tired! Our people aren’t serious! #shame #movieindustry #crew,” the actress wrote in a post dated November 28, 2021.

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Purification or not, the law would work again – Arnold to Shatta Wale



Entertainment journalist and nemesis of Shatta Wale, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, has sounded a word of caution to the Dancehall artiste. According to him, bathing in the sea would not make Shatta Wale immune to the law.

Arnold Asamoah shared his opinion on the supposed ‘spiritual bath’ that Shatta WaleMedikal and the others took after being released from jail. Although Bulldog, acting as Shatta Wale’s manager, disputed the spirituality part of the beach bath, Arnold had this to say;

“Well, I think everyone has their believes and convictions, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. So what works for you is what you abide by. I don’t have a problem with them going through that exercise because I am sure they have a certain belief that when they do those things, any bad luck from going to prison and all will be washed away. That’s their belief. They have a strong conviction in that. And so I can’t begrudge them for going through that process.”

Conferring to Arnold, their actions should not be tagged with a sinister motive considering our roots as Africans.

“I don’t know why people would think that that is idol worshipping. We grew up with tradition and culture. Plus, spirituality. So I don’t see why anybody should have an issue with what they did.”

Having said that, Arnold maintains that the spiritual bath would not be a protection from the law if Shatta goes up against it.

“However, I think it’s also critical to mention that going through that process doesn’t mean that if you breach the law, you won’t be held responsible. So I have no problem with them going through that process once it gives them relief.”

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I live within my means, chill with the expectations – KiDi pleads



Afro-pop artiste, Dennis Dwamena, known in showbiz as KiDi, has pleaded with his fans to lessen their expectations of his celebrity status.

KiDi wrote on his Twitter page to draw the line between his celebrity status and regular lifestyle. He added that he has not amassed enough wealth yet, and until then, people should expect a simple lifestyle.

He said, “One day I’ll be rich. But right now, I’m not. So don’t be expecting some kind of rich and flashy lifestyle from me because I be star, I beg. I live within my means. Dead the expectations.”

It seems the ‘touch It’ hitmaker may also be sending a word of caution to all social media users to stay away from unnecessary pressure from celebrities.
And for all to take note that “not all that glitters is gold”. And as such, the youth should remain vigilant and focused at all times.

Kidi is an afro-pop singer and songwriter who has been making countless hit songs in the entertainment industry. His newest album, ‘The Golden Boy’ has made headlines with ‘touch it’ as one of his singles to debut Billboard charts globally.

We hope to see more exciting features and songs that will put Ghanaian music on the global map.

See his post below:

One day I’ll be rich.
But right now I’m not so don’t be expecting some kind of rich and flashy lifestyle from me because I be star, I beg.
I live within my means. Dead the expectations ????— KiDi (@KiDiMusic) October 26, 2021

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