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Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 Playoffs Predictions Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 Playoffs Predictions


Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 Playoffs Predictions

Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 has finally concluded its group stage. The two weeks worth of matches between ten participants shed some light on the biggest winners and losers. Since all ten teams are still playing the playoffs, albeit, in different divisions, there’s no better opportunity to reflect on these teams’ performances. And…



Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 has finally concluded its group stage. The two weeks worth of matches between ten participants shed some light on the biggest winners and losers. Since all ten teams are still playing the playoffs, albeit, in different divisions, there’s no better opportunity to reflect on these teams’ performances.

And finally, since its EsportsDotNet, we have to set our predictions and throw the book at the Dota 2 odds on offer.


Image source: EPICENTER

Hellbear Smashers vs Chicken Fighters

Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard’s brainchild, Hellbear Smashers, is considered one of the stronger candidates in the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2. With a convincing seven-win streak, they are definitely on the right path to secure at least a top-four finish.

Chicken Fighters, on the other hand, only qualified for the Division 1 Playoffs by the skin of their teeth. They lost their last group stage match against V-Gaming, an open-qualifier team. Both teams have bumped into each other before, and Hellbear Smashers took a clean sweep. Hence, it’s no wonder why the odds are against Chicken Fighters at x2.57 odds versus Hellbear Smashers at x1.48 odds.

My prediction is a simple outright on the Smashers to go through.

Team Spirit vs PuckChamp

Looking at the second match-up, we have a highly-anticipated opponent up against PuckChamp. Team Spirit earned their spot in the upcoming International 10 (TI10), where they will be competing for millions of dollars.

Since Team Spirit is a VIP at the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2, they were given leverage to be a direct Playoffs seeds team. Needless to say, PuckChamp will have a rough time going against this powerhouse.

Nevertheless, PuckChamp has a good record of surpassing our expectations, ever since they were promoted to Upper Division league in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021). Unfortunately, the odds couldn’t be worse for PuckChamp at x4.45 against Team Spirit at only x1.19 returns.

Expect a clean series here at 2:o in favor of Spirit.

Team Unique vs Nemiga Gaming

Finally, a more even match-up compared to the previous mentions. Team Unique and Nemiga Gaming held a convincing top seeds finish, sharing the second spot behind Hellbear Smashers. More specifically, Nemiga actually clutched the series versus Unique in a devastating 2-1 finish, which is vital to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, the defining factor differentiating Unique against Nemiga is that Unique is a fourth-place Upper Division team. Thus, a recent loss in their book isn’t precisely credible enough to call them the weaker candidate in this match.

Team Unique maintains a promising x1.54 odds versus Nemiga Gaming at x2.41 returns. Once again, if there’s one match to bet on the underdogs, it’s most definitely this one, siding Nemiga Gaming to pull off the stunt again.

Another outright bet on Unique would suffice.

V-Gaming vs Tundra Esports

Lastly, V-Gaming has undoubtedly had the short end of the stick when they are matched against Tundra Esports of all opponents. Tundra Esports may not be a TI10 invitee, but it boasts a line-up of seasoned veteran players, such as Adrian “Fata” Trinks and Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu.

V-Gaming is an open qualifier winner, who did unexpectedly well to make it into the Division 1 Playoffs, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, their loss is pretty much sealed before the match because of Tundra Esports’ presence.

The odds on GG.BET show Tundra Esports has an x1.19 odds against V-Gaming at x4.45 odds. It’s one-sided but not unexpected, considering the power gap between them. At x1.59 for Tundra to take the series 2:0, we end up with a total x5.39 return on a potential four-way accumulator bet slip.

🔥 The group stage is over!

The first 6 teams will meet again in the playoffs of the first division, where they will be joined by powerful Team Spirit and Tundra, and 7-10 places will fight in the second division.#D2CL #D2CLRed

— EPICENTER (@epicentergg) August 2, 2021

Besides these Division 1 Playoffs at the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2, there’s the lower-tier Division 2 Playoffs. This particular playoff does not have a date yet, so until then, enjoy the intense series about to unfold tomorrow.

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How AC Milan missed out on Ghanaian youngster Felix Afena-Gyan



Afena Gyan scores brace for AS Roma against Genoa

Afena-Gyan makes Serie A record

Afena-Gyan valued at €20m

Ghanaian youngster Felix Afena-Gyan may be excelling for AS Roma but he could have ended up at rivals AC Milan.

The youngster has risen from the youth side of the Italian giants and taking a spot on the first team where he is in the process of establishing himself as a key cog in Jose Mourinho’s side.

His two goals in AS Roma’s victory over Genoa made him the first player born in 2003 to score in the Italian top flight league.

It has however emerged that Afena-Gyan was once on the books AC Milan and could have had his development in Milan instead of Rome.

Oliver Arthur, the Ghanaian football agent credited with the discovery of the 18-year-old has revealed that Afena-Gyan had trials with AC Milan who were interested in signing him.

Oliver Arthur says the choice of AS Roma as the club for Afena-Gyan was informed by his quest to get a place where the youngster’s development was not going to be impeded.

“He initially had trials at AS Roma, then Sassuolo before going to AC Milan. Milan, just like the other clubs, was very much interested in him. But, we needed to make a decision and look at the best for the player and we settled on AS Roma,” he said Kumasi-based Pure FM.

Oliver Arthur also spoken about how the youngster’s stock has risen since he broke into the first team of AS Roma.

He disclosed that Afena-Gyan is now valued at €20million following his good display for AS Roma.

“It will really be difficult. Very difficult. Range? May be between €15m-€20m. For what he’s done and the abilities he possesses, I think, yes, €20m” he told Angel TV

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Africa to use VAR in World Cup play-offs after Ghana vs South Africa incident



Ghana defeats South Africa 1-0

South Africa petitions FIFA over penalty in Ghana game

Senegalese referee to be punished by FIFA, says South Africa coach

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be used in the final phase of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Gianni Infantino, the President of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has said.

Infantino has disclosed that FIFA and CAF will use the technology in the play-off to improve officiating in those matches.

Speaking at the extraordinary general assembly of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in Cairo, Egypt Infantino said FIFA is making efforts to enhance the quality of matches and introduction of VAR is one of the measures.

“The final stage of the African World Cup qualifiers will see an improvement in refereeing performance due to the use of VAR,” said Infantino.

The President of CAF, Patrice Motsepe who is a South African refused to comment on the specific case of Ghana versus South Africa but promised an investment in officiating.

“We are going to invest in the competitions because our competitions are everything,” said Motsepe.

“That’s why the announcement that we are making today regarding referees is critically important. Africa have got good referees, and we have got world-class referees. We’ve also got referees who are not so good.

“Then we’ve also got referees who are even further from not so good, but they all try. We want to train them, and also pay them good money and look after them. So that they can make a career out of being referees.”

Ghana defeated South Africa 1-0 at the Cape Coast Stadium on November 14, 2021 via a controversial penalty.

Defender Daniel Amartey earned Ghana the penalty which was converted by skipper Andre Ayew on the 33rd minute.

South Africa took issues with the decision by referee Ndiaye and petitioned FIFA to probe what they perceive to be match manipulation.

According to SAFA, the referee was compromised and thus ruled the game in favour of the host team.

The Ghana Football Association has meanwhile disputed the claims and emphasized the Black Stars deserved victory.

It is expected FIFA will issue a verdict on the game in the coming days.

The draw for the play-off will be held in January next year after the Africa Cup of Nations.

The ten countries that have qualified include Ghana, Egypt, Algeria, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia.

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Forget about replay FIFA, will only ban referee Ndiaye Maguette – Hugo Broos



It appears that head coach of South Africa, Hugo Broos has given up hope of forcing a replay of the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Ghana from FIFA.

The Black Stars defeated the Bafana Bafana of South Africa by a lone goal to secure the only slot in group G for the play offs of the 2022 World Cup.

South Africa after the game accused the match official of match fixing, match manipulation among others before lodging an official complaint with FIFA.

Ghana had a penalty after Daniel Amartey went to ground in the penalty box following a challenge from Rushine De Reuck although it appeared soft there was a nudge in the back of the Leicester City defender.

The Senegalese referee Ndiaye Maguette who was standing just a few meters outside the penalty box swiftly awarded the penalty without any second thought.

FIFA urged the two Associations that is Ghana and South Africa to present any comments or evidence it deems appropriate latest by 20th November 2021 as they referred the protest to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee who began their work on 23rd November,2021.

FIFA is now due to issue a verdict on that appeal which has created friction between Ghana and South Africa in football circles.

Ahead of the verdict, South Africa’s Belgian tactician doesn’t seem confident.

“Fifa met on Tuesday,” Broos told HLN Sportcast. “We expect a decision in the course of this week. It’s not just about the penalty kick, it’s about the whole game. The referee made 71 decisions, 47 of which were foul. The analysis has shown that. And 90 percent of those 47 wrong decisions were against us.”

“You have to be able to prove something like that in black and white. Was he bribed? Wasn’t he pressured? Or was he just having a really bad day? The numbers are there, but is that enough for FIFA? I personally think that it will remain with a suspension for the referee and that we should not count on a replay.” he said.

The draw for the play offs will come off in January while the matches will be played in March 2022.

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